Glossary & Links

AIC Airport Identity Card
Avsec Aviation Security Service
Authority The five-member Board of the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
BARNZ Board of Airline Representatives New Zealand (Inc)
CAA Civil Aviation Authority (the organisation)
CA Act 1990 Civil Aviation Act 1990
Director Director of Civil Aviation
EDDU Explosive Detector Dog Unit
FTE Full-time Equivalents
FY Financial Year (01 July to 30 June)
HHMD Hand Held Metal Detector
HBS Hold Baggage Stow
IATA International Air Transport Association
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
ISO International Standards Organisation
MoT Ministry of Transport
Minister Minister of Transport, Minister for Transport Safety
NASP National Aviation Security Programme
NZ New Zealand
NZTS New Zealand Transport Strategy
RACA Regulated Air Cargo Agent
SOI Statement of Intent
WTMD Walk Through Metal Detector

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