Protect your bag with a TSA recognised lock

14 Nov 2016

To keep you safe, Aviation Security screens checked and carry-on baggage going on the plane. 

Screening is done by x-ray but a bag may need to be opened and searched if something comes up on the x-ray that has to be checked. 

It could be your bag. 

If you want to lock your bag, we recommend you use a ‘TSA Recognised’ lock. Our security officers have a universal master key to open theseAfter a search the bag can be relocked.  

This also works overseas. 

These locks are officially recognised and accepted by security and customs agencies around the world such as the USA’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA). If they need to search your bag it can be relocked, and not damaged.

NZ retailers and airports sell these locks. Look for the Travel Sentry or Safe Skies logo on the side. You can also get bags and trolley cases with a TSA Recognised lock built in. See

Other Information

If a bag is unlocked or has a TSA Recognised lock an officer will open the bag to search. Other kinds of padlocks may need to be cut off. 

Our security officers are careful not to damage personal belongings. All bag searches are recorded on closed circuit television (CCTV). 

Passengers are not called for bag searches – this could delay flights and check-in times. 

If a bag is searched an official Notice of Baggage Inspection is left in the bag and the bag closed and sealed.