Regulated Air Cargo Agents (RACA)

RACA Security Check Application

Please see for new legal information regarding Regulated Air Cargo Agent Security.

To apply for a Security Check Determination as part of the Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA) authorisation process, please download the  RACA Security Check Application Form.

RACA is required to complete and authorise sections A & C of the RACA Security Check Determination Application Form (AVSEC RACA 1.0).

  • The employer authorisation on the RACA Security Check Determination Application Form (AVSEC RACA 1.0) is to be signed by the nominated senior person or authorising signatory.
  • It will be the RACA's responsibility to confirm the credentials (i.e. sight identity documents, completeness of form and legibility) of the applicant/person applying for a security check.
  • The applicant/person applying for the security check authorisation will submit their completed security check consent form (AVSEC RACA 1.0a) to their Employer (RACA) for validation and authorisation.
  • When the Employer's (RACA) Senior Person has approved the security check authorisation application, it will be forwarded to the Aviation Security Service for processing.
  • Where the person to be authorised is the holder of a current permanent Airport Identity Card (AIC) issued under Rule 19.357 and will therefore have already undergone a previous security check for the issue of that AIC, an additional security check is not necessary for Rule 109.59 authorisation purposes.  Any authorisation issued under the permanent AIC regime will only last until the AIC expires at which stage a new security check will be required for ongoing authorisation.

NOTE: Incomplete or unclear forms will be returned to the applicant/person C/- of the RACA. The security check application will not be processed unless all required information is included and rectified.